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Giga Parts

GigaParts specializes in various electronic products and applications. Offering competitive prices, GigaParts allows customers to upgrade, build, or have the GigaParts team customize a high-performance computer for the user. GigaParts also has the expertise to carry products for amateur radio enthusiasts. In addition to their assortment of electronics, GigaParts also offers repair services.

The Madison IDB assisted GigaParts by approving a tax abatement toward the upgrade of their warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution facility in 2020. Located on Production Ave., GigaParts' partnership with the Madison IDB represents a significant investment in the city, and allows them GigaParts to reduce distribution costs to nearby retail sites. In 2021, the IDB also assisted GigaParts with a tax abatement toward the purchase of a printing machine, that will assist in producing compliance documentation brochures. This capital investment by GigaParts will create additional employment in Madison as well as position the company to expand its import and export operations.