Featured Business



Our featured industrial business this month is Innovative Plastics, Inc. Innovative Plastics has been in business since 1989 in Huntsville. They began producing a substantial quantity of boating products for T-H Marine, so much so, that in 1999, T-H Marine bought Innovative Plastics. In 2001, T-H Marine moved Innovative Plastics to Madison because it was located centrally between Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, and closer to I-65 for points north and south, and mostly because it was close to home and family.

They have an experienced team of molders and mold makers to service the rapidly expanding plastics market in North Alabama. Their commitment to quality parts and service, in addition to their customers, enables them to provide the highest quality tooling and custom injection molding at a competitive price, in the shortest time possible.

What sets them apart from the competition?
Two years ago, Innovative Plastics began rapid business growth that required additional equipment and personnel. In 2015, they expanded their building footprint by adding an additional 14,000 square feet and installing new equipment. Operating now for over a year, the expansion area has enabled Innovative Plastics to not only add twelve additional jobs, but the workload has increased to a 24-hour day, 5-day per week schedule, plus one Saturday per month. They are currently working on process and efficiency streamlining prior to further expansion or staff additions. With 52 positions now, they may add an additional 12-15 more positions after moving and refining a potential 24/7 schedule. 

Today, T-H Marine demands about 40% of Innovation Plastics output with the remaining from other corporate sources. Even with that, Innovative Plastics is diversifying into hunting, medical equipment, electrical, mining, and fire protection sectors. Innovative Plastics can turn an idea into a product with their part design and engineering service; rapid prototyping; mold design and mold making; injection molding; finishing and assembling. Their value added approach and customer services sets them apart from all the rest.

What does the future hold?
Keep a lookout for this “innovative” firm to experience continued growth. The increase in entrepreneurial invention demands Innovation Plastics expertise and there will be more products you will use or buy that they either helped design or manufacture.  Madison wants to thank them for their contribution to the community as an integral part of our industrial base.  Visit their website at innovativeplasticsinc.com. A fun site to play with for sure!