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Success Stories

The City of Madison Industrial Development Board has had success in assisting several companies move into the area and grow and prosper. Their success stories are outlined below.

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    A new 337,000 sq. ft. facility was completed in May 2023.. With support from the Madison IDB, FedEx Ground has added a third facility to serve our growing area.

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    Griffon Aerospace specializes in unmanned aircraft systems.  The newly won contract is for the manufacturing of aerial targets, including mission payload system devices and training.  The company has two locations in Madison.   

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  • Accurate Machine and Tool

    Founded in the early 1980s, AMT Integrated Solutions is a female-owned small business. Headquartered and manufactured in Madison, AMT utilizes advanced supply chain and project management techniques, along with CAD and innovative technologies to produce integration, prototyping, and limited rate initial production, precision manufacturing support, and program management. AMT supports public and private sector manufacturing. Being proximate to Redstone Arsenal, Research Park, and other defense and technology manufacturers in Madison, AMT is able to take advantage of Madison's strategic location, workforce talent, and transportation infrastructure.

    The Madison IDB assisted Accurate Machine and Tool by approving a tax abatement grant. The 2017 approval of the site prep grant backed the construction of a 12,000 sq. ft. facility addition along with the purchase and installation of equipment. Located on a 3.3-acre parcel on Celtic Dr.,
    Accurate Machine and Tool is a vital manufacturer in Madison and the region.



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    Matsumoto has a history of nearly 100 years in the welding industry. Matsumoto has a history of nearly 100 years in the welding industry. Founded in 1919, they have expanded their primary craft from welding to include other products in order to respond to the demands in technology, industrial machine, precision tooling, and much more. With three offices in North America, Madison is home to Matsumoto U.S. Technologies North American headquarters.

    In 2013, the IDB approved a non-educational property tax abatement in 2013, IDB approved a non-educational property tax abatement to the project for non-educational ad valorem taxes and construction-related transaction taxes. Additionally, the IDB issued a long-term revenue bond or the permanent financing of the costs or the permanent financing of the costs of the project.



  • MaxVision, Rugged Portable Computers LLC. produces high-performing computer hardware. MaxVision's computer workstations can stand the tests of the most extreme environmental elements, while still providing a long battery life, expanded memory, and high-resolution graphics across large monitor displays. MaxVision's adaptable computer platforms are transportable and work onboard vehicles as well as within confined spaces. The flexibility and durability of MaxVision's products make the company an ideal supplier for the U.S. Military along with other defense and justice agencies.

    MaxVision's products are designed, manufactured, and headquartered in Madison Alabama. MaxVision's products are designed, manufactured, and headquartered in Madison Alabama. Madison's educated workforce, proximity to Redstone Arsenal, Research Park, as well as other tech-firms, defense contractors, and transportation infrastructure provide an ideal location for MaxVision.

    MaxVision was a recent recipient of the Industrial Board's Site Preparation Grant in conjunction with their new corporate headquarters. In addition, MaxVision received tax abatements for Property and Sales & Use Tax. Facilitating these kinds of incentives is a critical function of the IDB and within IDB's mission of promoting the Madison industry and economic development within the city.

  • Giga Parts

    GigaParts specializes in various electronic products and applications. Offering competitive prices, GigaParts allows customers to upgrade, build, or have the GigaParts team customize a high-performance computer for the user. GigaParts also has the expertise to carry products for amateur radio enthusiasts. In addition to their assortment of electronics, GigaParts also offers repair services.

    The Madison IDB assisted GigaParts by approving a tax abatement toward the upgrade of their warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution facility in 2020. Located on Production Ave., GigaParts' partnership with the Madison IDB represents a significant investment in the city, and allows them GigaParts to reduce distribution costs to nearby retail sites. In 2021, the IDB also assisted GigaParts with a tax abatement toward the purchase of a printing machine, that will assist in producing compliance documentation brochures. This capital investment by GigaParts will create additional employment in Madison as well as position the company to expand its import and export operations.



  • Old Black Bear Brewing, Huntsville, AL | Brewing company, Best beer, Brew  pub

    Founded in 2014 by Todd Seaton, Old Black Bear Brewery began breathing new life into historic downtown Madison. Not only does the brewery manufacture and bottle beer and spirits regionally, but it also has a Chef managed-restaurant.

    The IDB granted the brewery a Tax Abatement in June 2014 for all state and local non-educational property taxes for 10 years, sales taxes on equipment and all construction-related transaction taxes.

    A pint at Old Black Bear Brewing Co. in Madison, Ala. – Steven On The Move


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    SEA Wire and Cable

    Founded in 1970, SEA Wire and Cable, Inc., a supplier of aerospace and mil-spec wire, cables, and related wire harnessing products for electronic applications. The company is a Madison-native company with its Headquarters located in Madison.

    SEA Wire and Cable is currently located within a 90,000 square-foot facility. The company has over 5,000 global customers, including customers within the aerospace industry. The facility is stocked with more than 11,000 products and 40 million feet of wire to provide 24-hour delivery on in-stock parts.

    The Madison IDB has provided assistance to SEA Wire and Cable for two projects that included the construction and expansion of their facility. The Madison IDB helped the company secure an industrial bond in December 2007.

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    Halsey Food Service

    Halsey Food Service was initially founded as a retail and wholesale grocery delivery business in 1879. The company opened as C.H. & W.L. Halsey by Leroy Halsey and Charles Henry Halsey and was originally located in a warehouse facility in the City of Huntsville. The company's Cash & Carry location is still located in downtown Huntsville at 301 Jefferson Street, but Halsey has moved its Headquarters and warehouse facilities to the City of Madison in 1972.

    Since 1972, Halsey Foodservice has expanded both its facility and its service line. In 2001, the company opened its Fresh Meat and Fresh Produce divisions and later in 2007 and added 30,000 square feet of freezer space to its facility in Madison. Today, the facility has expanded into a 157,000 square foot distribution center servicing a majority of Alabama and sections of Tennessee.  This facility contains a 6,000 square foot meat processing center that can accommodate up to 40 meat cutters at a time.  The meat coolers are capable of storing 80,000 pounds of fresh poultry and 400,000 pounds of fresh meat.  Additionally, the facility has four coolers to accommodate dry, wet, and standard produce. There are even a commercially equipped test kitchen and dining area!

    The Madison IDB has helped Halsey Foodservice with three of its expansion projects, including the 2007 freezer expansion by utilizing an industrial bond issued through the IDB.

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  • IPS

    Industrial Properties of the South, founded by Dr. Jerry M. Graham and Charlene B. Graham, has been instrumental in the success of many area businesses throughout Madison County and the City. Today the company owns and operates more than 1.3 million square feet of industrial and office space within the county, including the Airport Office Center located in the City of Madison.

    Dr. and Mrs. Graham began developing and leasing properties in the area in the late 1970s. They developed the Airport Office Center using an industrial bond that the Madison IDB was able to help them secure.

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  • STI

    STI Electronics, a full-service electronics support company, was initially located in San Dimas, California, but was relocated to the City of Madison in 1993. By 1998 and 1999, STI Electronics had grown past its small beginnings and was listed among the "500 Fastest Growing Companies" by Inc. Magazine.

    STI Electronics founder, Jim Raby, was able to build his company by providing services to contacts that he had made as a technology expert with the Army and Navy. With Redstone Arsenal located next door to the City of Madison, the city was an ideal choice for the company.

    STI Electronics has been recognized as a Small Business of the Year by the Huntsville/Madison Chamber of Commerce and a finalist for Alabama Manufacturer of the Year as awarded by Alabama Technology Network and Business Council of Alabama, among other accolades. Today, STI is a global full-service components supplier, providing a series of highly valued services to a demanding customer base from their Corporate Headquarters, 6 sales offices, and 4 warehouses located internationally in Fremont California, Guadalajara Mexico, Hong Kong, Suzhou China, Singapore and a 50% joint venture in Munich Germany, as well as Madison, AL.

    In December 2007, the Madison IDB was able to provide assistance to STI Electronics for the construction of a new manufacturing facility. The Madison IDB provided an industrial revenue bond, as well as a tax abatement to STI.

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  • hexagon

    Hexagon, formerly Intergraph and originally M&S Computing , is perhaps one of Madison's better known success stories. Founded in the early 1970s, M&S Computing started as a small consulting firm that worked with the U.S. Army Missile Command, NASA, and their first commercial contract – the City of Nashville. The company has since grown into one of the foremost providers of engineering and geospatial software in the world.

    In addition to Hexagon's own success, many other successful technology companies have ties back to Hexagon. The company has also helped to attract highly-skilled workers to the City of Madison area, contributing to the economic vitality of Madison and the region, as well as our national defense.

    The Madison IDB provided assistance to Hexagon in October 2012, when the company began construction to on a new headquarters building that is ive stories and approximately 240,000 square feet. The Madison IDB provided abatements on sales and use taxes and 10 years of property taxes, which exclude those property taxes earmarked for education. The total estimated project cost was approximately $59 million dollars and the new facility, occupied by approximately 1,000 current employees was completed in 2014.

    In addition to the new headquarters, the Madison IDB also helped Hexagon with the lease of the Schaefer Building and Building 20.

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  • Tyonek

    Anchorage, AK-based company Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc. and Tyonek Services Group, Inc. chose Madison, AL as the location of a new subsidiary – Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc. (TMGI) and built its first facility in 2004. Since then, the defense manufacturer has expanded greatly, adding three more facilities (a total of 128,000 square feet in 2013).

    The City of Madison was an ideal location for the company in part because of its close proximity to Redstone Arsenal. Another main feature that sold the company on locating in Madison was the city's school system. The company was also able to qualify for tax abatements, making it easier for them to make the original investment, as well as the expansion investments.

    Madison IDB has assisted Tyonek during three projects, including the initial facility construction and subsequent expansions.

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