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Located just 10 miles west of Huntsville, Alabama, Madison, Alabama is known for its high-quality schools, highly-educated occupants, and high-tech companies.

Currently, over 1,000 businesses call Madison home, enjoying a low cost of business with educated professionals and a hardworking labor force. The largest employers include Intergraph Corporation, STI and Tyonek, along with other growing corporations and entreprenures.

Madison offers a variety of civic organizations and commissions for active community members, and the healthy business climate is augmented and maintained through City partnerships with the Madison Chamber of Commerce, Madison Station Historic Preservation Commission and volunteer work.

Thanks to having a highly-educated workforce and growing companies demanding quality employees, over 55% of all households in the City of Madison have an income greater than $75,000, with a city-wide mean income of $106,808.

Madison is the place, for people and businesses going places.