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Major Industrial Employers

 NameProduct# of Employees
Boeing Aerospace 2,600
Hexagon, Inc.* (formerly Intergraph) Computer Networks 2,000
Lockheed Martin Aerospace 2,000
SAIC Aerospace 2,000
Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc. Manufacturing 200+
Kennametal, Inc. Aerospace Mfg 150
Excellance, Inc. Custom Vehicles 100
Accurate Machine and Tool Precision Machining 100
SEA Wire & Cable, Inc. Manufacturing 125
Griffon Aerospace Aerospace 80
Label-Aid Systems, Inc. Manufacturing 62
Wilson Lumber Lumber/Furniture 62
STI Electronics, Inc. Assembly/Electronics 60
Innovative Plastics Manufacturing 52
MaxVision Manufacturing 25
Aerobotx Aerospace 18

*Publicly traded
Companies located in the City Limits of Madison